Religious Education

RE Syllabus & Teaching:

At St Michael’s our RE learning is based around the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus and we use the Understanding Christianity Resources to deliver high quality learning on Christianity. For more information on Understanding Christianity, please visit the link below:

RE is an integral part of school life here at St Michael’s and all learning reflects the two attainment targets in RE – Learning about religion (AT1) and Learning from religion (AT2). These targets enable all children to develop the necessary skills, understanding and knowledge, whilst the delivery of high quality, engaging lessons provides children with many opportunities to explore their own personal and other people’s religious beliefs. This gives children a deeper understanding into the lives and faiths of others within society and promotes respect for all faiths.

The current RE overview for the academic year can be found in the link below, with outcomes covered in the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus highlighted in green. Units taken from Understanding Christianity can be found written in red.

RE Overview – Link

Pupil Voice:

What do you enjoy about RE lessons?

“I enjoy learning about God because it really interests me how different religions talk about God.” AB (6M)

“I like learning about religions because it is fun to learn about the different ways that people worship.” RM (6M)

“I enjoy learning about what different religions do in their daily lives.” (HR 5JB)

“I really like the animated stories because they’re easy to follow and understand.” FN (5JB)

Why is RE important?

“RE is important because it allows us to understand how special God is to certain people.” AB (Y6)

“RE is important because it teaches us about people’s different beliefs and values which prepares you for later life when you meet people from different faiths and backgrounds.” RM (Y6)

“It helps us realise the special and important things in people’s lives, like the festivals they celebrate and the stories they read.”  HR & FN (Y5)

RE Aims:

The aims of Religious Education in our school are:

· To help pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living world faith through the exploration of core theological concepts using an approach that critically engages with text.

.To help pupils connect their experience of worship with RE

· To help pupils consider the impact and connection that Christianity has on Britain’s cultural heritage and the lives of people worldwide.

· To enable all pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of other major world religions and world views and their impact on society and culture?

· To give pupils a safe space to critically reflect on their own religious, spiritual and/or philosophical convictions.

· To help pupils to develop knowledge and skills in making sense of religious texts and teachings and understanding their impact on the lives of believers.

· To develop pupils’ abilities to connect, critically reflect upon, evaluate and apply their learning to their own growing understanding of religion and belief, of themselves, the world and human experience. 

· To develop an understanding of religious faith as the search for and expression of truth, and so to consider important human questions, values and concerns.

· To nurture understanding, respect and open-mindedness and inspire lifelong engagement with the study of religions and beliefs.

Additional Information:

For more information regarding RE here at St Michael’s, please find a link to the RE policy below:

RE Policy