Guide to Assessment at St.Michael’s C.E. Primary School

Key Performance Indicators for Reading, Writing and Maths are tracked against relevant year group expectations. Teacher judgements for individuals / groups of children are made using the definitions below.

E Entering

Where a child has been taught new learning

D Developing

Where a child is starting to use their learning with some support

S Secure

Where a child is using and applying their learning independently

G Greater Depth

Where a child has a deep understanding of their learning and is using and applying their learning in a range of contexts and across subjects

Teachers make an overall professional judgement at the end of each half term against year group expectations and record this in SIMS database.

Entering  – Up to a third of Key Performance Indicators

Developing   –  Between one third and two thirds of Key Performance Indicators

Secure   –  Above two thirds of Key Performance Indicators, including core skills

Greater Depth  –  Secure in all Key Performance Indicators and using and applying in a range of contexts and across subjects ( End of Summer Term)

Information is shared with parents during the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms in relation to where their child is and what they need to be able to do next.


Baseline assessments take place for Reception Children in first the four weeks of entry

Progress tests in Reading (PIRA) and Maths (PUMA) are taken each term and are used alongside teacher assessments to make an overall judgement against year group expectations. The Single Word Spelling Test (SWST) takes place in September and March. These tests provide standardised scores for pupils which are recorded and tracked in SIMS. Science tests (Rising Stars) are taken at the end of each topic, alongside teacher assessment and are recorded in SIMS using the above codes. Children receiving reading interventions will undertake Salford reading tests as appropriate to measure progress and impact of intervention.

Children in Year 1 undertake statutory phonic screening in June and are assessed again in Year 2 if pass mark is not attained.

Children in Years 2 and 6 take statutory end of key stage assessment and tests in May.

These identify if a pupil is meeting age-related expectations in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.