Music is a real strength of our school and we are proud of our strong and established links with Entrust Music Service.  We have a specialist Music teacher, Mrs Marsden, who teaches each class curriculum Music.  Each year the children have the opportunity to take part in a musical performance: Reception and Key Stage 1 nativities; Lower Key Stage 2 Easter performance; Upper Key Stage 2 Advent Carols and the Year 6 Leavers Performance.

From Year 2 the children have the chance to learn musical instruments with one of our skilled peripatetic Music teachers.  About 40% children choose to take up this offer. 

‘Music means a lot to me.  The more I improve, the more I enjoy it.’

Currently children have the opportunity to learn:

  • Violin and cello  ‘ I really enjoy playing my violin with my parents, (or by myself!).  The sound of the calming strings really helps me concentrate better.’
  • Clarinet, flute, mini-bassoon and saxophone  ‘I like playing the clarinet because when I’m older I will be able to play it really well.’ ‘I enjoy playing the clarinet because it is fun and a challenge.’ ‘ I like playing the clarinet because it makes me part of something and makes me feel happy because it is fun playing although it is challenging.’ ‘I love playing my flute.  It makes me feel happy.  I have so much fun playing it and I also love music in general.’ ‘I enjoy playing the flute because it has lots of different keys.’
  • Brass instruments including trumpet, cornet, trombone, French horn   ‘My trumpet is a very loud but lovely instrument.  It makes a lovely sound which is what I like and I love it.’ ‘What I like about playing the French horn is learning different notes.’
  • Oboe  ‘I enjoy playing the oboe.  I am learning how to play jingle bells.’
  • Guitar   ‘Playing the guitar makes me feel good and it’s satisfying when I learn good songs.’ ‘I love playing guitar because it is easy to learn and the notes make a nice sound.’ ‘I love playing the guitar.  It makes me happy and overwhelmed on how I have improved.  It is a great instrument to play.’

Once the children have been learning for 6 months or so they can join our popular school band. The children are also invited to join ensembles through the Entrust Music Service and these are run at local venues:


We also have a popular and well regarded school choir for children from Year 3 onwards, to which about a third of children belong.  Wherever possible we take the children out to perform in venues beyond school which have included Lichfield Cathedral and Birmingham Symphony Hall.

As ever, there have been some wonderful performances put on throughout the year from the KS1 nativities, the KS2 Easter performances, the individual class worships and culminating in the Year 6 leavers performance which is always much anticipated and always worth the wait!  In 2019 Year Six presented a wonderful performance of ‘The Mystery at Magpie Manor’ a real showcase for their talents.