Excited to learn with confidence together in God’s hands.

At St Michael’s we are guided by our Christian values to inspire one another; encouraging confident, committed and caring children to flourish through life’s journey.

“Love God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength; and love your neighbour as yourself.”

Mark 12:33


Here at St Michael’s, as part of ATLP (the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership), we share an excitement to learn so that all members of our school community can flourish.  Our delightful, enthusiastic and caring children are central to all that we aspire to achieve.  We are proud of our rich curriculum, wealth of extra-curricular activities and strong links with our local community, especially St Michael’s Church.  Our website merely provides a snapshot.

Please do contact us if you would like to visit us or find out more.  (Please note that our OFSTED link implies that our school has closed.  Now that we are part of ATLP we have a different link, but please use the existing link to access details of our latest OFSTED inspection.)

What our parents say:

‘Fabulous and highly encouraging school.  Thank-you.’

‘We continue to be really impressed with St Michael’s both academically and culturally.’

‘My child has had the opportunity to take part in a number of clubs and competitions.  All the staff have been really supportive and the students have made my child feel really welcome.  The strong Christian values underpin all of the work the staff do here and I am glad we made the decision as parents to move my child to St Michael’s’

What our children say:

‘I really enjoyed the trip to Whitemoor Lakes.  It taught us life skills such as team work, courage and perseverance.’

‘I learned about Churchill and Hitler in Year 5.  Mr Hayward went deeper into the subject.  He made us understand it better, so we will remember it for a long time.  Also Evacuee Day made it real.’

‘I love Science as Mrs Steele mixes the educational side with the fun side and this really helps us to learn.  It is easier to remember because it is interactive physical learning.’

Latest Tweets

@st_michaels_lic 30/09/2022

Year 2 had a wonderful time up @StLichfield this afternoon, arranging our flower jars and decorating the church ready for Harvest Festival next Tuesday. Thank you to all of the volunteers for your help and we hope to see many of you there next week. #harvesttime https://t.co/Mo0SDWoxG6

@st_michaels_lic 22/09/2022

6L have enjoyed their library trip today and have all gone home with a library book to read. Happy reading!! 📕📗📘📙 https://t.co/1eG23sbx0V

@st_michaels_lic 21/09/2022

Year 2 have been learning about the human life cycle and the different stages of childhood. They had lots of fun creating a giant timeline on the school playground with their photographs brought in from home. #outdoorlearning #ks1science https://t.co/WRlJjRqHiu

@st_michaels_lic 21/07/2022

And finally, the whole school gathered on the playground to wish Year 6 well as they left. Year 6 – you have been amazing, each and every one of you are super stars. We look forward to hearing lots about you in the future! Good luck! (4/4) #wearethechildrenofstmichaelsschool https://t.co/sa6Z3nlBIY

@st_michaels_lic 21/07/2022

To top it all off, we had a visit from the ice cream van back at school. Only 3 ice creams managed to end up on the floor! Thank you to our wonderful PTA for funding our ice creams! (3/4) https://t.co/xDWPgeQoR1

@st_michaels_lic 21/07/2022

After working up our appetites with all our applause, we could smell @McDonalds calling us. If you were hoping to sit in for your lunch yesterday apologies, as we nearly filled the whole restaurant! (2/4) https://t.co/rFSyopyYHW

@st_michaels_lic 21/07/2022

What a day Year 6 had for their final day at St. Michael's yesterday… After recovering from our intense water fight, we set up camp outside @LichfieldCath ready to cheer on Emma Hill carrying The Queen's Baton for @birminghamcg22 (1/4). https://t.co/Qdo5bVL1Vj

@st_michaels_lic 20/07/2022

What a start to our last day! Water fight! We think the staff won! Now for our special lunch! https://t.co/9teZFMDnTh

@st_michaels_lic 15/07/2022

Most of all we like hangin’ around. https://t.co/wjczkKKUH8

@st_michaels_lic 15/07/2022

Waffles and fresh berries. Yum yum! https://t.co/cwjgUiSOuS

@st_michaels_lic 15/07/2022

We are loving the hot chocolate with our mates. https://t.co/aBdaD6cOeP

@st_michaels_lic 15/07/2022

We are climbing the walls! https://t.co/S89PnaORGl